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November 15, 2007

dalit clarion issue.3

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Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R. VOL.1 ISSUE.3 23rd MAY 2006

In india, for every crime happenned common people blame the police
force. Nobody thinks, is the police force really equipped to deal
with all types of contigencies. Nearly 70% of the police force is
literally doing sentry duties like guarding the bungalows of ruling
elite & providing them security arrangements. 20% of police force
only does the actual crime detection work & the remaining 10% only
does the intelligence gathering. Intelligence gathering is the only
way which can prevent crimes. Nowadays due to lack of stress on
intelligence gathering crimes are frequently taking place & due to
lack of stress on crime detection numerous prosecution cases are
failing in the courts due to lack of evidences , criminals are going
scot-free. The government must strengthen the intelligence & crime
detection wings of the police force. The government must raise
separate force on the lines of home guards & territorial army to
attend to sentry duties, bandobust duties , to attend to
rehabilitation work during natural & man made calamities.
The police are stressed out – their duty hours must be reduced to 8
hours/day , weekly-offs & holidays must be provided to them on par
with other government employees. The police are at the forefront of
dangers , troubles all the time risking their own lives, the
government must insure each policeman to at least Rs.5 lakh. The
government must treat police in a humane manner then they in turn
will treat common folk in a humane manner.
The police must be given adequate training in crime detection &
intelligence gathering with the use of modern methods & sensitized
about human rights & constitution of india. The functions of
transfer , promotion & disciplinary proceedings of police must be
handled by a professional & autonomous body free from the influence
of netas & babus.
Until there are criminals in the seats of power in the government –
gobbling-up the resources meant for the poor, there will be mafia ,
underworld , naxalism & terrorism. To counter them – their proxy war
intelligence gathering by police is the key. JAI HIND . VANDE
Your’s sincerely,


Dear sir,
INDIA: Mentally disabled boy lynched to death by a mob for snatching
a biscuit in Bardaman District, West Bengal
Name of victim: Subhankar Mondal, 14-year-old boy, former resident of
Kumirkula village, Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India
Name of alleged perpetrators: Unidentified mob present at Tinkonia
bus stand on 12 April 2006, Bardhaman district, West Bengal, India
Date of incident: 12 April 2006
Place of incident: Tinkonia bus stand, Bardhaman district, West
Bengal, India
I am shocked to learn about the death of Subhankar Mondal, a mentally
disabled 14-year-old boy who was lynched to death by a mob at
Tinkonia bus stand in Bardhaman district in West Bengal.
Prior to his death, Subhankar was beaten by a mob for snatching a
biscuit from a tea shop in the bus stand. Though Subhankar
desperately tried to escape from the mob by taking refuge in a nearby
garage, he was chased off from the garage by the owner toward the
awaiting angry mob. This incident shows the complete lack of
tolerance and understanding of the general public in West Bengal. It
also shows the appalling attitude of the local police by refusing to
register a case for murder and failing to investigate the incident.
It is unacceptable that the father of the boy had to run between
Khandogosh and Bardhaman police stations pleading with the officers
to investigate the case. When the police did finally register the
case, they registered it as one of only unnatural death rather than
murder, and they failed to properly investigate the incident.
This case is a clear example of how local people take the law into
their own hands and assault, and even kill persons in their attempt
to seek justice. The failure of the justice and policing system in
India, and the complete collapse of rule of law has led to this
current state of affairs.
I therefore urge you to take immediate action so that the erring
police officers who failed to investigate and register a proper case
against the perpetrators are inquired into and properly punished. I
also urge you to take appropriate action to initiate an impartial
investigation into the case and register a case of murder against
those who are responsible for the death of Subhankar Mondal.
Yours sincerely,

An appeal to honourable high commissioner of Australia New delhi

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to urge you to call for an immediate stop to proposed
legislative changes to the Australian Migration Act which will result
in serious breaches of Australia’s obligations under international

We understand that the proposed changes, announced by the Australian
Minister for Immigration, Senator Amanda Vanstone on 13 April, are
likely to be before paliament in May.

If passed the changes will mean that asylum-seekers arriving by boat
will be taken to remote off-shore locations and, most likely placed
in detention centres or camps. In addition, it is likely that they
will be denied legal assistance and the right to an independent
appeal process.

Amnesty International considers that the transfer of persons to
another country for asylum processing is inherently unlawful. Such
measures would breach the duty not to penalise asylum seekers
arriving without authorisation under the 1951 Refugee Convention, as
well as basic standards of human rights against arbitrary and
indefinite detention, cruel, inhuman or degrading treament, and
restrictions on freedom of movement.

We urge you to intervene as a matter of urgency with the Australian

Yours sincerely,

RIL’s unfair trade practices with government connivance

Bade Telgi Ka Kamal Friends, You can see how Bada Telgi continues to
Con Government And Public Of India. RIL had slight surplus LPG after
using most of it for internal consumption and sales to PSUs. This
1,48,000 T is just 0.5% of over 30 Million Ton Jamnagar throughput.
Instead of selling it to PSUs at already contracted rates, it seeks
GOI permission to export it but in actual practice wants to sell it
PSUs at the import price these PSUs pay for exports, not the
contracted sale price for direct purchase. So many Bada and Chhota
Telgis rob India in addition to tax concessions Rs. 1,56,000 crores
which Business Standards termed as “Tax Dodges”. We should raise such
vital issues at our meetings and groups and pass resolutions against
such “Daylight Robbery”. Ravinder Singh Reliance seeks permission for
LPG export New Delhi, May 5 Reliance
Industries Ltd, which operates India’s largest refinery at Jamnagar
in Gujarat, has sought government permission to export 148,000 tonnes
of surplus LPG in May-July. Indian Oil Corp, on behalf of the
industry, had last fiscal tied-up several tonnes of LPG imports from
suppliers, including Saudi Aramco of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi
National Oil Corp. Industry sources said Reliance wants the IOC,
which had tied-up the imports for itself and on behalf of sister
public sector oil firms Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum, to
import the contracted cargoes and the surplus LPG in the system could
be exported by RIL from its Jamnagar refinery. “As RIL suffers losses
in disposal of LPG import cargoes in the international market, it
would be prudent for RIL to plan export of its own produced LPG,” the
company wrote to the Petroleum Ministry. Currently, LPG cannot be
exported without government nod.

Edited , printed , published owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ EWS 190 HUDCO
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