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November 15, 2007


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working for the rights & survival of the oppressed

editor: NAGARAJ.M.R………………VOL.1 ISSUE.1……………….07/02/2007

-An appeal to H.E. Governor of Karnataka

Recently in the last week , Karnataka lokayukta sleuths have caught
redhanded the joint director of DG E&T at mysore while taking bribe to
sanction financial grant in aid to private I.T.Is. this is the second
time that official has been caught by lokayukta sleuths. This is just
one case , In DG E&T there is corruption galore , students pay bribe
to get attendance , to get internal assessment marks , etc. the staff
pay bribe to DG E&T officials to get grants , to get heir monthly
salary bills passed , to get affiliations , etc.

The problem in private I.T.Is are so acute that , certain institutions
promoted by people with political connections don’t have adequate
training infrastructure for students , staff strength – students to
teacher ratio is less than the norm , portions are not thought
properly nor completed in time , the students even lack basic
necessities like urinals � the fate of girl students only god must
assist. The miracle such institutions are functioning since years &
have even got government financial grant in aid .

In such private I.T.Is , the corrupt managements have recruited only
forward caste people who can pay bribe . the managements in league
with corrupt DG E&T officials have extracted bribes from the staff
members to secure government grant in aid , also every month the
managements recover 25-30% of salary from the staff without any receipt.

The end looser in all these the STUDENTS. How come these private
I.T.Is who have only employed forward caste people , lacking adequate
teaching infrastructure have got affiliations from the government ?
how come they are functioning since years in this fashion ? how come
they have got government financial grants , while private I.T.Is run
by honest managements providing proper infrastructure to students &
employing staff irrespective of religion or caste , are struggling to
get government grant in aid ? the miracle is enacted by the people
like above stated corrupt ones .

Hereby , HRW urges H.E.GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA , to provide justice in
this case at the earliest. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.

Your’s sincerely ,

ATROCITIES ON DALITS IN INDIA -Inequalities , double standards by GOI

In the recent past in India atrocities on dalits are on rise. In
khairlanji of maharashtra a dalit family was paraded naked. In M.P ,
heads of dalits are shaven & made to sit on donkeys , paraded. In
kanpur , U.P disrespect is shown to babasaheb’s statue , same type of
disrespect is shown in maharashtra. All these proves the perverted
mindset of those criminals � dalit oppressors. This goes to prove that
those opressors are not humanbeings as they lack culture & have not
evolved into humanbeings. They are still animals , the sad part is
that these dalit oppressors are in the vantage positions of government
, public service & call the shots. Just on the eve of babasaheb’s
death anniversary , all the accussed in the kambalapalli dalit
massacre , Karnataka were let free , by the court. What type of
justice is this ?

Now take for instance TADA cases , in Karnataka-tamilnadu border
forest area forest brigand veerappan was looting forest resources.
Police failed for long to apprehend him , to cover-up their own
inefficiencies police simply used to round-up grownups on one pretext
or the other. You must remember that there was no terrorism in that
area still TADA provisions were invoked , innocents tribals , dalits
were tortured by police . they filed TADA cases on grounds like you
have supplied food , you have stitched veerappan’s clothes, etc. these
acts even if true does not amount to terrorism.
On the other side , Bombay is under repeated attack by terrorists.
Mr.sanjay dutt a film icon was caught redhanded with AK-47 , PISTOLS ,
ETC in his possession. This is surely an act of terrorism. Bail
provisions under TADA are strict. However mr.sanjay dutt’s father was
a member of parliament & politically well connected. Mr.dutt got bail
, now even the judge has absolved him of terrorist charges.

Bottomline : if one is a rich crook in India he will be rewarded , if
he is a poor , innocent , dalit � he will be framed.

– Gross violations of human rights by police

At the outset , HRW salutes the few honest police personnel who are
silently doing their duties inspite of pressures , harassment by
political bosses & corrupt superiors , inspite of frequent transfers ,
promotion holdups , etc. overcoming the lure of bribe ,those few are
silently doing their duties without any publicity or fanfare. We
salute them & pay our respects to them and hereby appeal to those few
honest to catch their corrupt colleagues. The police are trained , to
crack open the cases of crimes by just holding onto a thread of clue.
Based on that clue they investigate like “Sherlock holmes” and
apprehend the real criminals. nowadays , when police are under various
pressures , stresses � they are frequently using 3rd degree torture
methods on innocents. Mainly there are 3 reasons for this :

1) when the investigating officer (I.O) lacks the brains of Sherlock
holmes , to cover-up his own inefficiency he uses 3rd degree torture
on innocents.

2) When the I.O is biased towards rich , powerful crooks , to frame
innocents & to extract false confessions from them , 3rd degree
torture is used on innocents.

3) When the I.O is properly doing the investigations , but the
higher-ups need very quick results � under work stress I.O uses 3rd
degree torture on innocents.

Nowhere in statuette books , police are legally authorized to punish
let alone torture the detainees / arrested / accussed / suspects. Only
the judiciary has the right to punish the guilty not the police. Even
the judiciary doesn’t have the right to punish the accussed / suspects
, then how come police are using 3rd degree torture unabetted. Even
during encounters , police only have the legal right , authority to
immobilize the opponents so as to arrest them but not to kill them.

There is a reasoning among some sections of society & police that use
of 3RD DEGREE TORTURE by police is a detterent of crimes. It is false
& biased. Take for instance there are numerous scams involving 100’s
of crores of public money � like stock scam , fodder scam , etc
involving rich businessmen , VVIP crooks. Why don’t police use 3rd
degree torture against such rich crooks and recover crores of public
money where as the police use 3rd degree torture against a
pick-pocketer to recover hundred rupees stolen ? double standards by
In media we have seen numerous cases of corrupt police officials in
league with criminals. For the sake of bribe , such police officials
bury cases , destroy evidences , go slow , frame innocents , murder
innocents in the name of encounter , etc. why don’t police use 3rd
degree torture against their corrupt colleagues who are aiding
criminals , anti nationals ? double standards by police. All the
bravery of police is shown before poor , innocents , tribals
, dalits , before them police give the pose of heroes. Whereas ,
before rich , VVIP crooks , they are zeroes. They are simply like
scarecrows before rich crooks.

Torture in any form by anybody is inhuman & illegal. For the purpose
of investigations police have scientific investigative tools like
polygraph, brain mapping , lie detector , etc. these scientific tools
must be used against rich crooks & petty criminals without bias. On
“world human rights day”(10/12/2006) , hereby we urge the GOI & all
state governments :

1) to book cases of murder against police personnel who use 3rd degree
torture on detainees and kill detainees in the name of encounter killings.

2) To dismiss such inhuman , cruel personnel from police service and
to forfeit all monetary benefits due to them like gratuity , pension ,

3) To pay such forfeited amount together with matching government
contribution as compensation to family of the victim’s of 3rd degree
torture & encounter killings.

4) To review , all cases where false confessions were extracted from
innocents by 3rd degree torture.

5) To make liable the executive magistrate of the area , in whose
jurisdiction torture is perpetrated by police on innocents.

6) To make it incumbent on all judicial magistrates ,to provide a
torture free climate to all parties , witnesses in cases before his court.

7) To make public the amount & source of ransom money paid to forest
brigand veerappan to secure the release of matinee idol mr. raj kumar.

8) To make public justice A.J.Sadashiva’s report on “torture of
tribals , human rights violations by Karnataka police in M.M.HILLS ,

9) To make it mandatory for police to use scientific tools of
investigations like brain mapping , polygraph , etc without bias
against suspects rich or poor.

10) To include human rights education in preliminary & refresher
training of police personnel.

11) To recruit persons on merit to police force who have aptitude &
knack for investigations.

12) To insulate police from interference from politicians & superiors.

13) To make police force answerable to a neutral apex body instead of
political bosses. Such body must be empowered to deal with all service
matters of police.

14) The political bosses & the society must treat police in a humane
manner and must know that they too have practical limitations. Then on
a reciprocal basis , police will also treat others humanely.

15) The police must be relieved fully from the sentry duties of
biggies & must be put on detective , investigative works.

We at HRW , have highest regard & respects for the honest few in
public service & parliament. It is only due to the sincere efforts of
those honest few , wheel of democracy is turning in India. We salute
those honest few public servants. We have highest regards & respect
for all constitutional institutions & persons.

In democratic India , as per law all are equal. However due to
manipulation of law some are proving to be more than equals. Now
criminalization of politics , public service is almost complete. There
are many accussed persons in Indian parliament & state legislatures as
members of the house � as law makers. Some of these members are making
contempt of the house , very august office they hold , constitution of
India & citizens of India.. these accussed persons are king makers ,
they can make or break a government. For the fear of government
falling down , their colleagues in the government never give legal
sanction to the authorities to to legally prosecute such tainted MPs ,
MLAs. In this way one helps the other on quid pro quo. As a result ,
the tainted members misuse the legal immunity privileges. In this
backdrop , the recent ruling of supreme court of India is welcome that
prior government sanction is not needed to proceed against tainted MPs
& MLAs.
Hereby , we urge the GOI & all state governments to answer the
following questions :

1) how many present MPs , MLAs are facing criminal charges ? how many
in the past year wise ?what type ?

2) how many MPs , MLAs are absconders in police records , but are very
much present in the house ?

3) how impartiality of investigations is ensured in such cases ?

4) why brain mapping , lie detector tests , etc are not used on such
tainted public servants to elicit truth , instead of forming
committees , CBI enquiry which takes years spending crores finally
returning empty handed ?

5) how many MPs , MLAs , film stars , sports persons have attended
parties hosted by anti-national dawood ibrahim abroad ?

6) how wealth growth of public servants is monitored ?

7) what action has been taken about former union minister
mr.subramaniam swamy’s complaint that late prime minister rajiv
gandhi’s family received funds from foreign intelligence agency ?

8) what action about KGB officer mitrokhin’s revelation in his book
that , highest persons in GOI were working for foreign intelligence
outfits ? are they still ?

9) what action about former union minister mr.natwar singh’s complaint
of a leak in PMO which leaked out india’s nuclear secrets to foreign
countries ? are they still ?

10) how many MPs , MLAs occupied offices of profit prior to recent
amendment to the same section ? yearwise ?

11) why all of them were not disqualified from the membership of the
house ?

12) how you monitor MPs , MLAs of foreign origin or having spouses of
foreign origin or having foreign friends , acquaintances while in
India & their tour abroad , from national security
perspective ?

13) how many bills passed by the parliament / state legislatures
approved by the president / governors are pending enforcement due to
delay in gazette notification ? year wise ? delay ?


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I ,NAGARAJ.M.R. hereby do declare that information given above are
true to the best of my knowledge & belief.

date : 07/02/2007 …………………………………… ………….your’s

place : India………………………………………………………

edited , printed , published & owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ : LIG-2 / 761 ,
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